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Galveston Casino Cruise Company Responds to Their Recent Facebook Controversy

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Jacks or Better, the new casino ship that operates out of Galveston, hasn’t had an easy run so far. Early on in their daily 6-hour voyages, their captain hit a marker before docking. The damage to the boat included a long gash in the side, and now, an unstable reputation.

Following the accident, Jacks or Better posted surveillance video to show that guests were taken care of by officials, but their aim to be completely transparent in all matters went too far when they posted a photo the captain on Facebook with the caption “Hire or Fire?”

The manager of Jacks or Better, Rocky Herrin, spoke to KHOU and said that the company received harsh backlash for the post, including threats. “Condemnation was aimed personally at our employees who received telephonic hate threats against themselves and families. Dog poop was actually thrown on the GM’s front door,” they wrote on Facebook.

Herrin says that the captain (who has now posted his own follow-up on their Facebook page) agreed to hear out the opinions of the public. They say they were just looking for feedback, but many Facebook posters aren’t keen on their numerous posts about the marker incident. Company responses to some criticism has also been met with a combative tone. “Is this page ran by a high school kid???? Give it up and hire a marketing group‬,” ‪Deborah Fetherlin‪ wrote.

The boat has been fixed but will remain docked this weekend due to bad weather.