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Galveston-Based Cruise Casino Now Open For Business (Sort of)

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Gambling isn’t legal in Texas, but the Jacks or Better Casino has a way around the anti-gambling law. By sailing out 9.1 miles, the cruise enters federal waters, and therefore, gambling becomes legal. Customers pay $15 to board the boat where they’re treated to a six-hour tour.

KHOU says that guests can play slot machines, table games and even bet on sports. There are areas to eat, relax and participate in karaoke, as well. “They get to go out there and laugh, let their hair down, gamble, drink, eat, karaoke. Things you really can’t get in a normal casino,” Jacks or Better Casino General Manager Rocky Herrin told the news.

But even though Jacks or Better only recently opened for business, they’ve already suffered a setback due to hitting a marker shortly before docking on Saturday night. On their Facebook page, the casino ship officials say that the damage was cosmetic and hopefully will only take a week to fix. “A combination of captain’s error and unusual circumstances resulted in a 100′ gash down the port side of the vessel,” Jacks or Better writes. Varying reports are coming from the comments regarding the incident. Some passengers say the incident was loud and terrifying, while others maintain that it wasn’t so bad.

Check the Jacks or Better website to see when the boat is back to tip-top shape and ready to party.