Not So Newlywed Game: Clint Black & Lisa Hartman-Black

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Clint Black met his wife, Lisa Hartman, at a New Year’s Eve concert of his back in 1990. He was playing their hometown of Houston, Texas, when, in a throng of fans, he only saw her. It’s the stuff that the dreams of true love are made of. Black’s manager introduced them, and the country singer said he was immediately taken by her. In an interview with Country Living, Black said, “I knew intuitively that she could be trusted with my heart and my life.”

These two love birds have been married now for 25 years, getting to know all aspects of each other, singing moving duets, living life, and growing together. In a 2012 interview with television host Anderson Cooper, that bond was good-humoredly put to the test in what Cooper called “The Not So Newlywed Game.”

Cooper began by asking Hartman questions, to which she had some humorous but accurate responses. Going into the second half of the game, he asked: “How did Clint know he’d found the love of his life?” His answer? “…when she stalked me.” The two of them easily cruised through this game with a sense of humor that only a happily wedded couple could carry. Viewers learned more about this amazing duo through their candid responses, which endears them even more to their fans’ hearts.


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