Gang of Mean Goats Target Colorado Business: May Have Turned Bad as Kids

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A criminal of the most notorious type is still on the loose in Louisville, Colorado, and people are advised to stay vigilant. Authorities believe he’s the leader of a gang which spent almost a half-hour vandalizing a local business. It’s a crime the local law enforcement is sure to be talking, and laughing, about for a long time.

When employees of Kryptane Systems arrived to work following this past weekend, they found the front doors to their offices were shattered. Unsure as to what to do, the company president first chose to contact the police and report a break-in. In an interview with Fox News, Greg Cappert, a company engineer said, “There was shattered glass everywhere. Instantly he thought it was vandals of some sort.” But, what happened next seemed so strange and unheard of, locals will go on about it for years to come. This is what happens when good goats go bad…

While local law enforcement investigated what was believed to be the scene of the crime, the company’s president called up surveillance footage from the camera that was facing the front of their building. They watched in shock as a gang of goats appeared to be the perpetrators of the crime. According to Cappert, the lead goat seemed determined, saying, “For 20 minutes he just sat and banged on that one side until he broke it, and then he left and came back and decided to break the other side too. I don’t know why. That was just to be mean I guess.” Then, without an ounce of remorse, the leader of the pack fled the scene, taking his gang of goats with him.

With respect to their leader, Commander Jeff Fisher of the Louisville Police Departments said, “We understand the description is he’s very hairy, has some large horns, and is possibly hooved.” He may even have a goatee. That description in Texas could cover half the Panhandle, but thankfully our herds stick to what they do best – eat grass and moo! Unlike many criminals that try to flee the scene without leaving any traces or clues, this one apparently left a pile of evidence behind. “We did find some feces that was nearby the site,” said Cappert. It’s thought the perps in question escaped some time they were doing in a pen at a farm approximately a block away. Said Cappert: “Yeah, they’re still out there somewhere, so protect your doors everyone.” Do you think it’s “Billy the kid”?

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