Garden Robot Could be the Answer to Your Gardening Woes [WATCH]

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Do you drool at the local farmer’s market over those beautiful homegrown vegetables? Do you get all googley-eyed dreaming of a gorgeous garden of healthy leafy greens and juicy rotund melons of sweetness all your own? But do those dreams turn to dust because your green thumb is actually a dirty shade of brown? Well, maybe FarmBot, a garden robot, can provide the answer you need.

Three years ago, a group of folks got together and decided to take more control over the food they were eating. They wanted to produce their own in an efficient and environmentally conscious way.

Their ideas morphed into FarmBot Genesis, an automated farming robot. FarmBot not only plants the seeds, it waters and weeds the growing plants too. Made from aluminum, stainless steel, and 3-D printed plastic, the FarmBot robot exists only as a prototype today.

The machinery is sophisticated enough to sense the soil, type of plant, age of plant, and weather conditions to adjust for the perfect amount of water. A web-based interface allows users to plan their gardens using a drag and drop farm design tool. The designers of the open-sourced project are actively seeking input from foodies, gardeners, engineers, robotic specialists, and hackers to help in improving the design and functionality of the machine.

Is FarmBot the future of home gardening? You decide.