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Texas’ Great Gas Panic Finally Puts on the Brakes

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After Harvey, Texans in Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio flocked to gas stations after rumors of a gas shortage started spreading across social media. Whether or not the rumor was true didn’t seem to matter once enough people started creating a panic over fuel that, in turn, resulted in a true shortage.

KENS 5 wrote that on Labor Day, many people were out in San Antonio searching desperately for a pump with fuel since the “rush on gas crippled many fueling spots, leaving them empty.” If a gas station seemed to have some left, cars lined up like a parking lot.

Thankfully, news outlets like the Star-Telegram are now reporting that the gas panic has calmed, and stations are getting new shipments of fuel. It’s true that production was impacted by Harvey, as the storm “knocked out more than 20 percent of the nation’s refining capacity along the Gulf Coast.” But things are getting back on track, and in the next two days Texans should see a lot of improvement in the availability of gas at the majority of stations.

MySA.com put together a slideshow of photographs (seen here) captured by people at the pump during the panic of others hoarding gas in unsafe plastic containers. It’s unclear if the gas hoarders were gathering resources to help others or if they were just taking as much fuel as possible for themselves.