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A Meal of Gas Station Nachos Lands 5 People in the Hospital

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Though the case is still under investigation, The California Department of Public Health is pointing at the nacho cheese served at the Valley Oak Food and Fuel gas station for giving up to 10 people botulism.

The Sacramento Bee explains, “Botulism is a rare but serious illness that occurs when botulinum bacteria multiply, usually in moist, low-oxygen environments. The bacteria releases a nerve toxin, which causes gradual paralysis and sometimes death.” Usually, cases of botulism are associated with homemade canned goods, so the outbreak of illness possibly stemming from a packaged gas station food is very unusual.

KHOU says that at least five people have ended up in the hospital after consuming the nachos. The family of Lavinia Kelly has already filed a lawsuit against the gas station. Kelly suddenly became ill after eating a snack of Doritos with the nacho cheese drizzled on top. She’s spent weeks in the hospital, and reports say that she cannot even keep her eyes open.

The Sacramento Bee says that people who happened to eat at the gas station (especially the nacho cheese) should visit the doctor. For now, Valley Oak Food and Fuel will not be selling food or drinks since their license has been pulled by state officials.