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‘King of the Hill’ Fans Gather in Dallas to Yell ‘Bwahhh’ Like Hank Hill

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Over the weekend, a one-of-a-kind gathering occurred along Dallas’s Continental Avenue Pedestrian Bridge. WFAA reports that on October 6th “King of the Hill” fans planned to meet on the bridge and let out their best “Bwahhh,” just like Hank Hill, for all of Texas to hear. “As of late Friday afternoon, 570 Facebook users said they planned to attend the event and more than 3,400 marked themselves as interested,” the news wrote. And, the show’s creator, Mike Judge, even took to Twitter to say “Good luck with this.”

Though the turn out wasn’t as big as the online response, as one can see on the Facebook group, many “King of the Hill” fans came out, dressed up as their favorite characters, and made new friends bonding over everyone’s favorite cartoon dad.

The CW 33 quotes the event’s organizer as saying, “The goal of the event is really just to laugh and bond and meet new people that love ‘King of the Hill.’” There were also fan art pieces awarded to the participants that could utter the “Best Bwaahh, Longest Bwaahh, Best “I tell you what,” Best “Dang it, Bobby,” Best “That boy ain’t right,” Best Bobby Hill “I don’t know you, that’s my purse,” Best Boomhauer speech, and Best Peggy Hill “Whooo yeahh!”