Gelato Flowers are the New Best Way to Eat Your Ice Cream

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Gelato makers have figured out a way to make their delicious desserts even more desirable. Photos of gelato flowers are spreading across the internet as more and more sweet shops join in on the craze.

With locations throughout Europe and a few in the United States (though sadly not in Texas), Amorino gets credit as having some of the best (and perhaps the first) gelato roses in the world. They encourage customers to request as many flavors as they want to make up the tasty petals.

The pretty presentation was too genius not to begin spreading to other countries. According to Bored Panda, i-Creamy in Sydney, Australia also makes the ice cream flowers for their customers. They use a “shoehorned shape spatula to carve the flower petals from the tubs.” From there, they start forming a rose bud in the middle and work outwards until the petals have encompassed the cone. They colors depend on the chosen flavors, and each combination looks unique. The black sesame and coconut flavor, as seen in a photo by jo_ann01 on Instagram creates a beautiful monochromatic gray rose.

Customers must grab their treat and snap a quick picture before they lick the petals into the equally recognizable shape of a glob of ice cream.

Black sesame and coconut flower ice cream #yum #soopretty #icreamery

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We would like to be on vacation again… Photo : @picamour_pics #amorino #sorbet #food #foodies #yummy #inspiration #summer #flower #flowerpower

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?X ?

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Edible flowers = my favourite kind of flowers ??

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A rose by any other name would smell as sweet! #sydney #icreamery #gelato #yummy

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