Creative Gender Reveal Party Confuses Parents-to-Be

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Soon-to-be mother of triplets, Mandy, along with her husband planned a big gender reveal party. While surrounded by friends and family, they found out the genders of their future children along with the rest of the partygoers.

A friend who read the ultrasound results from their doctor put together three boxes to announce the sex of each child. She thoughtfully stuffed the packages and made each lid’s artwork.

The first box reveled a pink sign that read “girl.” Inside was a tiny little pink lifejacket for baby’s first swim. A partygoer asked if the parents had guessed the first reveal. Mandy said “This, I thought was a boy. Shows you how much I know!”

Dad was more than ready to open up box number two, which reveled another pink lid! While the crowd discussed what having two baby girls in the family would be like, they moved on to the third and final big box.

The last box proved to be a bit confusing for the anxious parents. What did this mystery lid mean? Were they having one boy or a third girl? Check out the video below to see the reveal for yourself.