This Genius Wine Opening Hack Will Change Your Life

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We’ve all had that terrible feeling. The feeling you get when you’re ready to pop open a nice bottle of red and then realize you don’t have a wine opener. Without a corkscrew, how do you open a bottle of wine? This genius wine opening hack will teach you how.

As long as you have a typical house our car key on you, you can open a bottle of wine. Here’s how:

Step One

Remove the plastic covering to gain access to the cork.

Step Two

Push the key into the edge of the cork at an angle. Grab a piece of cloth to guard your palm as you push the key in firmly. You want to push it in as far as possible.

Step Three

Twist the cork around in circles with the key to break the seal. While you do this, gently pull up so that the cork starts to pull out. Even if the key starts to rip the cork, you should be able to get the cork up enough to pull it out with your hands.

Voilà! Your wine bottle is now open. It’s as simple as that, folks. Watch the tutorial video below for proof of the power of this genius wine opening hack.