‘Ain’t No Honky Tonks in Jail’: George Goss Features Terlingua, Texas Like No Other

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Filmed in Terlingua, Texas, George Goss’ video for his country song, “Ain’t No Honky Tonks in Jail” has some amazing West Texas scenery most people would not get the opportunity to see or experience without this footage. Having been viewed close to four million times, this original video is shared via the Pat O’bryan YouTube Channel, and features Goss together with his fiddle accompaniment as the only cast set in local ghost town surroundings.

With lyrics like, “Ain’t no dancin’ goin’ on. No guitar pickin’ all night long. Nobody’s here to go my bail. Ain’t no honky tonks in jail…,” Goss hits the nail on the head for those that haven’t had the experience of having their freedom taken away as a result of bad life choices. With an up-tempo beat and a traditional country sound, he takes the viewer on an entertaining trip through Terlingua, with some great footage from the Big Bend region.

Presently operating a green energy recording studio in the Lone Star State, Goss’ profile and additional music are listed with Reverb Nation online. His bio indicates a passion for his music, having played across the country and finally settling down first in Luckenbach before relocating to the Big Bend region of Texas. He’s identified that his newest material is being produced in a similar fashion, and his music, additional videos, and show listings can be found online, or by visiting his Facebook page. In fact, this particular song was just recently picked up and re-recorded on “The Absolute Johnny Bush” CD which was released on June 16 of this year!


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