The Ultimate George Strait Texas Road Trip Playlist

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When you think about touring parts of your favorite state (Texas, duh!) your memories often lean toward laughter, great food, quirky moments, and, last but not least, music. Memories tied to music can be some of the more powerful, invoking thoughts of great times, emotions, and magic moments all had to the soundtrack of your favorite music. That being said, if you want to plan the ultimate Texas road trip playlist, you need to have the ultimate Texas troubadour as your lead singer. Here is the ultimate George Strait Texas Road Trip playlist to get you into the groove!

1. Brothers of the Highway

This Ultimate George Strait Texas Road Trip Playlist is Hot Right Now

Photo: Facebook/Wrangler

Released on the “Troubadour” album in 2008, “Brothers of the Highway” is a completely upbeat driving song focused on those who tour the highways behind the wheel of a big rig. How this could not be on the ultimate George Strait Texas road trip playlist is beyond us!

2. Cowboys Like Us

George Strait in 2013

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Starting out with the lyrics, “I take off time to time with those crazy friends of mine. Head out on steel horses with wheels and we ride. We burn up that road…” the song “Cowboys Like Us” was made for a Texas road trip. Released on the “Honkytonkville” album in 2003, you need to add this to your ultimate George Strait playlist for jamming-on down the highway.

3. Amarillo by Morning

George Strait in 2014

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

“Amarillo by Morning” was one of the first songs that secured George Strait a place in our hearts. Released on his “Strait From the Heart” album in the early ‘80s, it began an almost five-decade run of career hits now. If you don’t know the lyrics or the tune as a Texan, we’d have to question your true ardor for the man. Truly, this should be on your ultimate Texas road trip playlist. It speaks of a rodeo man making his treks for the very thing that he loves, and that’s exactly what you’re setting out to do when you plan to tour the Lone Star State.

4. The Seashores of Old Mexico

This Ultimate George Strait Texas Road Trip Playlist is Hot Right Now
Photo: Facebook/George Strait

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