George Strait’s Blooper Reel Will Make You Smile

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George Strait is an amazing singer, but who knew he had such a great sense of humor? This blooper reel from a famous commercial will make you smile.

Celebrities, they’re just like us! This video of George Strait’s blooper reel from the famous Texas Parks and Wildlife Department “Don’t Mess with Texas” commercials will have you laughing for days. We always see the finished product of our favorite country singers, but never the road to getting there.

While we already could guess that he’s one of the nicest guys around, he genuinely seems easy to work with and can go with the flow. Country singers are known for being real and honest, and that’s definitely the George Strait we see here in this outtakes video.

Even with the hot sun shining and him flubbing his lines just a little bit, he still manages to have a great time with the cast and crew of the commercial. Make sure you watch him slam-dunk that piece of trash into the can — he did it with real finesse.

Have you ever worked with one of your favorite celebrities before? I’ll bet it didn’t go as easily as George Strait’s Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s commercial.