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Early This Morning the Georgia Dome Was Imploded in Atlanta

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According to NPR, the Georgia Dome hosted the “…1996 Summer Olympics, two Super Bowls and countless Atlanta Falcons home games,” but since the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium opened up in August right next door, the original stadium appears to have been no longer needed. Today was demolition day. About 4,500 pounds of dynamite were used to implode the domed stadium onto itself, and a large curtain shielded the new stadium that’s taken its place.

In the video below from the Washington Post, you can watch the demolition from a bird’s eye view. Skip ahead to about 15:30 to see the implosion (and mute the video so you don’t have to listen to the siren wailing.) ESPN explains that officials predicted it would take “…12 seconds for the explosives to go off plus another 3 seconds for sections of grandstands to hit the ground.”

ESPN writes that Atlanta residents watched the implosion of the dome from nearby skyscrapers and streets that were a safe distance away from the demolition. Witness the implosion from the ground in the Instagram video below.

The city of Atlanta said good-bye to the #GeorgiaDome this morning (via: @sportscenter)

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