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Your Chance to Go Ghost Hunting in a Haunted Texas Jail

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Whether you believe in ghosts and haunted buildings, or think the whole scene is a big hoax, this is the time of year you might be tempted to open the Pandora’s Box of creepy. With Halloween around the corner, some opt for fun, G-rated festivities, while others prefer a brush with the otherworldly. In some parts of the nation, ghost tours prevail year-round, while in most parts of the Lone Star State, you’re more likely to find such events closer to Halloween.

For those brave enough to pursue such an experience, add Gonzales, Texas, to your spine-tingling bucket list. Hosted by Haunted Rooms, for $79.00 per person, visitors can walk through the abandoned Old Gonzales County Jail.

Your Chance to go Ghost Hunting in a Haunted Texas Jail

Photo: Facebook/Gonzales County Jail Museum

The location is rumored to be a place of great turmoil where prisoners were often driven to madness by forced seclusions. It’s said that the souls of tormented prisoners lurk the halls and rooms of this ancient building. So-called “death cells” were small rooms that allowed for no human contact, whereas the “run-around” wing allowed for prisoners with good behavior to mingle with other inmates.

The town of Gonzales was allegedly the place of six hangings. Visitors to the jail often report paranormal activity such as being scratched, having their hair pulled, hearing whistling, and seeing shadows, among other creepy occurrences. Might it be the ghosts of these executed prisoners or just wild imaginations? The last executed prisoner claimed that the face of the clocks in the building would declare his innocence by displaying the wrong time. Since then, people report that the clocks rarely display consistent times.

Your Chance to go Ghost Hunting in a Haunted Texas Jail

Photo: Facebook/Gonzales County Jail

On October 13th from 8 p.m. until 2 a.m. visitors with a ticket will go through paranormal investigation training and then experiment with equipment such as EMF meters before exploring the building in search of ghosts. Snacks and drinks will be provided throughout the experience. Children are welcome if accompanied by an adult, but use discretion as this will be a creepy experience!

For those less interested in ghosts, the prison is worth a visit for the architecture and history alone. Built in 1887, this structure of Gothic-design is a survivor of a darker time period. Walk through the museum and check out the artifacts and official documents that chart the history of the rise and fall of the prison.

Tickets are going fast, so check the link soon for your chance to experience the very best of haunted Texas!