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Gigantic Bunnies Invade Texas Town

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A few gigantic, glowing bunnies measuring over two stories high, with one about 39 feet high and another 39 feet long, invaded downtown Houston, Texas this past week. The furry creatures we love to remember at Easter, and the enduring charm they bring to the hearts of young and old alike, can be seen through a larger than life exhibition by Arts Brookfield, the cultural arm of global real estate corporation.

A four-city national tour of Intrude, a highly acclaimed public art installation by Australian artist Amanda Parer, as stated by its website, is making its way around the globe to not only bring joy into the hearts of many but it also carries a more serious and  important message about the artist native home of Australia.

The Tour

IMG_1105-Intrude Poster

Photo: Sonia Ramirez

The traveling installation of these artistic displays at their finest, is touring premier locations across four U.S. cites, which include New York, Houston, Los Angeles, and Denver. Their magic and omniscient presence has also been viewed around the world in places such as London, Perth, Paris, and Canada.

The Public art installation features seven monumental, illuminated rabbits, including the premiere of 2 exclusive supersized rabbits, states artsbrookfield.com. “Arts Brookfield’s goal of presenting art that is both creative and accessible on multiple levels is brought to life in Amanda Parer’s magnificent works,” said Debra Simon, vice president and artistic director of Arts Brookfield through their site.

The Bunnies


Photo: Sonia Ramirez

The towering presence of these creatures, scattered across the lush lawn at 1600 Smith street in downtown Houston, has had numerous visits throughout the week, even stopping traffic for those who want to take a quick photo of this beautiful artistry.

At night, they illuminate the sky and surrounding area with their lingering glow. You can even step inside the skyscraper at Smith and admire the larger than life bunny in the lobby waiting for all the hugs and selfies you can imagine. Each bunny is sewn in white nylon, inflated, and internally lit.

The Artist Behind the Work

Photo: Sonia Ramirez

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