Gillen’s Candies + Wine is the Specialty Store You’ll Want to Have in Your Back Pocket

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Located in the beautiful town of Blanco in the Texas Hill Country, Gillen’s Candies + Wine is tantamount to heaven on earth! They serve artisan confections from around the globe and feature local artisan products from the heart of Texas. Now on the cusp of their one-year anniversary, the shop that’s designed to provide a natural chocolate experience, bean to bar, wants to make you feel welcome at their upcoming celebratory event.

Scheduled for July 14 at the Gillen’s shop, visitors will be treated to more than your average anniversary party. Since establishing Gillen & Boney back in 1895, the Gillen family have been known as purveyors of fine chocolate and candies. Their reputation for excellence has been growing for over a century now. Steve Gillen, a descendant of the original owner, is continuing his family’s sweet legacy. The shop in Blanco features high-end products at reasonable prices, creating a one-of-a-kind tasting experience for their customers.

Gillen’s Candies + Wine is the Specialty Store You’ll Want to Have in Your Back Pocket

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To celebrate these achievements, Gillen’s Candies + Wine will be offering their customers a special treat with live music, great food, and cool dessert treats (featuring many of the items and products that are sold at the shop). Representatives will be on hand to talk all-things wine and wine-related. Gillen’s now stocks half-pints, pints, and ice cream sandwiches from Lick Honest Ice Cream, which will most definitely be a summer treat you’ll want to try! Those of you who have yet to sample craft chocolate with wine are completely missing one of life’s simplest yet most divine pleasures! Gillen’s has the recipe for that irrefutable component of happiness, among other delicious recipes they provide. Representatives from Galilee Wines, Lost Draw Cellars, and Hops and Vines Distributing will also be on-hand to talk shop. Since no event such as this should go without a great soundtrack, guests can enjoy the musical stylings of the Styrofoam Gypsies as they sip and sample from 3 to 7 p.m.

Gillen’s Candies + Wine is the Specialty Store You’ll Want to Have in Your Back Pocket


Gillen’s Candies + Wine has been recognized by its customers as an amazingly inspiring venue. They boast a wonderful array of oils, rubs, and vinegars, not to mention their seasonings, beef jerky flavors, artisan cheeses, and the superior wines which can easily be paired with any of these products. Their knowledgeable and hospitable service makes each of their patrons feel that no question is too silly to ask and no taste should go unsampled – which is definitely a perk! A visit to the store is practically a whirlwind world tour in itself. Steve Gillen can speak to each product’s origin, the maker’s history, and what works well alongside it. All of this is on top of the fact their natural chocolate products are the owner’s specialty – something that guarantees you’ll leave not only satisfied but also stocked up!

Gillen’s Candies + Wine is the Specialty Store You’ll Want to Have in Your Back Pocket

Photo: Gillen’s Candies + Wine

Commemorating the past as well as looking toward the future, Gillen’s is proud to be using a century-old logo for their gem of a Hill Country enterprise. The design was done in calligraphy on a board from the family’s old establishment. Representing the high-quality of product they continue to curate, as well as longevity in taste and excellence in brand management, the logo will be featured front-and-center at the upcoming anniversary of their Blanco shop. Look to their Facebook page and website for additional logo details as they’re released, not to mention product updates, fantastic food pairings, and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

Gillen’s Candies + Wine is the Specialty Store You’ll Want to Have in Your Back Pocket

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With wines of the world, delicious craft beer from Texas, and a Hill Country charm unlike any other, Gillen’s Candies + Wine is an extraordinary small-town specialty store. It’s the kind of shop you’ve only read about in travel guides before now. Here, in Blanco, you can experience it first-hand. You’re invited to bring your love of delectable candies, chocolates, food, and drink, and find out how to best incorporate their business into your lifestyle. It’s a ritual you won’t soon regret… a bite of the cheese, a spoon of preserves, a taste of Steve’s chocolate, and a sip of fine wine, and repeat!