April the Giraffe’s Famous Baby Recently Met His Father

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Remember April the Giraffe? Of course, you probably recall her lengthy and very public pregnancy that lead many people to keep the live YouTube channel of the giraffe’s enclosure on a tab in their browser until she gave birth. After April delivered her calf at the Animal Adventure Park, the webcam that millions watched became a bit less popular after the baby, Tajiri, was named in an online poll.

KSAT reports that Tajiri is doing very well. “Tajiri is Swahili for both hope and confidence. Hope is something that Tajiri has not only brought you guys as a community globally now but it is a hope for giraffes,” KSAT quotes the baby’s caretaker, Alyssa.

Recently, the young male giraffe was able to meet his father, Oliver. On September 18, the Animal Adventure Park posted a three-minute long video (seen here) that chronicles the first meeting of all three giraffes on a foggy day. “April, Oliver and Tajiri all interacted very well together and we are so excited to share this with you!” park officials wrote. During the interaction, it’s clear that Oliver was checking to see if April was ready to mate again. The park posted that they waited until the end of her cycle to make sure that wouldn’t interfere with the first introductions.