Family Offers Reward After Little Girl Loses Her Favorite Toy in the Airport

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WSBTV reports that a little girl from Pennsylvania lost a stuffed animal of a white dog wearing a shirt with a reindeer pattern in Atlanta International Airport while traveling with her grandmother. Sadly, it was the girl’s favorite toy and a family heirloom that belonged to her mother. Instead of resigning to defeat, the family is offering $100 for the old toy they call “Maggie.”

Mom Lauren Elizabeth hopes that the news will spread, so she can find the stuffed pup and bring it back home. “I think maybe a child picked it up, and I’m hoping maybe by the grace of God someone sees it so I can get it back. I’ve called several times to lost and found and it was not returned yet. So keeping the faith,” she wrote on Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s Facebook post about the lost toy.

Coincidentally, a plush puppy was found in the Charlotte, North Carolina airport around the same time. While it made news on WBTV, people were disappointed to learn it didn’t solve the Maggie case. The search is still on for the little white stuffed animal that could be anywhere in the country right now. But who knows, perhaps through the power of the social media, Maggie could return home!