4-Year-Old Girl Lost in Forest, Saved By Her Dog [VIDEO]

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Karina Chikitova’s father assumed she was with her grandmother, and her grandmother assumed she went with her father into town. After the two realized the 4-year-old girl was nowhere to be found, it became evident that Karina and her dog, Kyrachaan, were lost in the Siberian forest.

Karina’s grandmother called police and more than 100 people set out to search for the girl. They knew how dangerous the forest could be with its freezing temperatures, bears, and wolves.

Over a week later, Kyrachaan the dog returned home. Once a rescuer saw the dog, they assumed with a heavy heart that Karina must have passed away. Yet instead of acting remorseful, the dog seemed driven and focused. Rescuers noticed the dog’s ambitious attitude, so they followed him until they found Karina four miles from her home.

The video below shows how careful rescuers were with the little girl who was hiding in a grassy hole for 11 days after she went missing. They fed her and gave her water to earn her trust and assess her injuries before taking her to safety. It’s easy to see how weak she was but determined to stay alive.

Two years later, a bronze statue stands at the Yakutsk Airport called “Girl with Dog” to commemorate the unbelievable tale of a loyal dog and a brave little girl.