3-Year-Old Girl Gets Cat Surprise for Christmas [WATCH]

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Tony Maples Photography


A crafty cat made its way into the heart of a 3-year-old girl on Christmas morning in this adorable video that her mom posted on her YouTube channel, “Motherhood in Hollywood with Heather Brooker.” When her daughter was presented with a gift-wrapped cardboard box by Heather’s husband, the cat was quicker than the eye, as Katie, Heather’s daughter, quickly grabbed the bows off the box first.

When she opened the flaps of the box, and there appeared to be no contents, her hilarious comment was, “Nothing?!” With her parents laughing in the background, their daughter was directed to look for her gift around the room, and that’s when she spies this Feliz Navidad feline.

Currently at number four on the video trending list, this Christmas cat together with her new human are making Christmas online magic. According to mom, Heather Brooker, the cat has since been named Gracie I Love You Brooker, and is a welcomed addition to the family. Brooker and her husband had planned the surprise for several months prior to Christmas, looking into local shelter and rescue groups before making an educated decision and ultimately giving their daughter such a wonderful gift.