Get Your Girls Together for Your Own Cowgirl Getaway

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Many a lady loves some downtime with her gal pals, but the opportunity to ditch the winter doldrums the cowgirl way is taking it notch up, wouldn’t you say? Get your girls together for your own cowgirl getaway here in Texas. Experience some authentic cowgirl culture as you while away your time on trail rides, discussing the finer points of western lifestyle, and perhaps sampling some Texas wine while you’re at it.

Get Your Girls Together for Your Own Cowgirl Getaway

Photo: Facebook/RanchSeeker

Dude and guest ranches throughout Texas welcome guests regularly as families, in corporate retreats, and in team-building exercises, to participate in horsemanship workshops, sit around campfires sharing laughter, and even helping drive cattle. There’s no reason you couldn’t coordinate your own girls’ getaway that incorporates some of these same features, coupled with a few of your own, to make the most of your time together in a fun atmosphere.

Get Your Girls Together for Your Own Cowgirl Getaway

Photo: Facebook/Ranch & Reserve

You could participate in a painting workshop that focuses on western art and sample some exceptional on-site cuisine (many a ranch features professional kitchens often staffed by chefs or, at the very least, an expert in the fine art of pleasing guests with five-star cuisine). Stay in well-appointed accommodations, featuring high-end western décor. With your girls, great food, good times indoors and out, and literally hundreds of miles of Texas trails to ride, there’s definitely a horse waiting with your name on it! Go out and have a cowgirl getaway – it’s worth the wait… in gold.