Giving Gifts From the Texas Hill Country in 3 Easy Steps

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Whether you drew a name for a co-worker, or you’re putting together a gift from home for a friend who’s away at school, the gift of something from the Texas Hill Country can have more personal value to the receiver than you may imagine. Gifts purchased locally can bring a comfort and warmth to the recipient when it’s most needed, regardless of the time of year. They can also serve as a reminder of home. By showing that you truly thought of what the individual may want or need, you’re also giving from the heart. And, when you shop local, you’re supporting our local economy. Here are three great gifts you can find in the Texas Hill Country that may help.

1. Personalized Photo Calendar

Giving Gifts From the Texas Hill Country in Three Easy Steps

Photo: Flickr/Bureau of Land Management

At an Office Depot, specialty camera store, or even online, one can find the services to assist you in creating a one-of-a-kind personalized photo calendar for your friend or loved one, filled with images of the Texas Hill Country, family, and friends! Whether you choose to use pictures you’ve taken yourself or choose to prepare the calendar with a collection from friends and family, it’s a wonderful keepsake and can bring a flood of great memories to the recipient.

2. Dipping Oils and Olive Oil Products

Giving Gifts From the Texas Hill Country in Three Easy Steps

Photo: Facebook/Texas Hill Country Olive Company

The Texas Hill Country Olive Company is a great business which offers something for everyone. If the recipient you’re shopping for likes to cook or have guests over to entertain, they’ll love getting dipping oils or seasonings to make a great bread dip to share. This company has a line of specialty seasonings as well as many other fantastic foodie gift ideas, all made locally.

3. Coffee From the Hill Country

Giving Gifts From the Texas Hill Country in Three Easy Steps
Photo: Facebook/Mazama Coffee Company

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