A Glimpse of Texas Hill Country Views in Fall [WATCH]

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Some folks would disagree, but we like to think that the Hill Country views in the fall rival that of any Eastern U.S. town. The trick is knowing where to look. With the weather moving in this weekend, clouds will gather, rain will fall, and temperatures will drop. This welcome weather change will transform our area of the Lone Star State. Texans all over can rub their hands together in glee over the beauty we’re about to experience here in Central Texas.

Some may consider the Hill Country springtime the best time of year in the area, but we submit that autumn is every bit as breathtaking as the fields blanketed in wildflowers in April and May. For a preview of the sights expected in the upcoming weeks, strap on your seatbelts and prepare to be blown away by this little video.

Photos taken by Rob Vanya in November 2010 at Lost Maples State Park and nearby Texas Hill Country places.