Experience the Gluten-Free Wilderness of Wild Wood Bakehouse

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Wild Wood Bakehouse, located just north of the Univeristy of Texas in Austin, is a restaurant geared toward serving fresh, healthy versions of traditional home cooking. The dinner menu boasts of everything from beef lasagna to chicken fried steak to tacos. The twist? It’s all gluten-free.

Despite the reputation that gluten-free food has, Wild Wood Bakehouse has perfected a flavorful meal without all the other standard ingredients that people living with Celiac Disease and other gluten sensitivities cannot have.

Wild Wood Bakehouse Gluten-Free Restaurant

Wild Wood Bakehouse Gluten-free

Photo: Adam Byram

Wild Wood Bakehouse has been operating for over ten years to provide fresh and tasty food for the growing number of people with health issues. If you cannot or choose not to eat wheat, carbs, or gluten then this is a must check out eatery. You can select a seat outside or choose a little table for two inside. If you have more than four in your party, the staff is more than happy to slide some tables together.

Wild Wood Pastries and Meal Options

Wild Wood Bakery

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If you are unsure what the ingredients are, the staff is more than happy to find out for you. Just be careful if you say no dairy on your potato it means they will ensure there is no dairy on your plate at all.

Every Sunday there is spread of brunch items most gluten-free people would cringe at. However, this spread features a small delight of waffles and pastries without the wheat factor. The bakery case is chock full of desert items, including a root beer float cupcake that met with rave reviews — it smells like a root beer float, too.

If you prefer lighter fare, Wild Wood Bakehouse offers a range of fresh salads with or without meat options.

Home-Style Restaurant

Wild Wood Bakehouse Inisde

Photo: Adam Byram

The food is warm and delicious, even if you have no health issues. According to the Wild Wood Bakehouse website, they are the only 100% gluten-free restaurant in Austin. They also offer catering for weddings and events.