Austin Man Found a Golden Beer, Possible Free Super Bowl Tickets

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Marcus Brice bought a pack of Bud Light while on his way home from Christmas shopping. After he sat down to relax with the TV on, he noticed an advertisement for a lucky golden beer can, very similar to Willy Wonka’s golden ticket idea. Brice knew immediately that he had just stuffed a winning golden beer can into his fridge, and he was right!

Similar to Wonka’s ticket, the prize hasn’t been awarded quite yet. There are in fact 37,000 golden beer cans distributed all over. According to the rules, those who find the golden cans will enter their unique number into a weekly drawing for 6 weeks. Each winner chosen during this time will get season tickets to their favorite NFL team’s games. At the end of this time period, one big winner will be chosen. They will receive the incredible prize of Super Bowl tickets for the next 51 years!

“I haven’t always been fortunate to do a lot for others and I always try,” Brice told KVUE. “This would just be like gold if I could say like ‘hey mom, let’s go to the Superbowl”,’Hey let’s go.” Hopefully, Brice will get his chance to share an exciting prize with his family.