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Goldthwaite is the county seat of Mills County, Texas, and is centrally located at the crossroads of US Hwy 84, US Hwy 183, State Hwy 16, FM 574, and FM 2005. We are also served by Burlington/Santa Fe Railways. Our town has an estimated population of 2,000.
Goldthwaite got its beginning when the railroad began working its way to connect the East and West. The town was named after a man named George (Joe) Goldthwaite who was an official of the railroad. The City was chartered in 1907.

The Chamber of Commerce is very active and is located in our historic jail which was built in 1888. Our historical museum is located in downtown Goldthwaite. Goldthwaite offers a full service of restaurants, motels, retail shopping, banking facilities, nursing homes, medical services and RV parks. Goldthwaite is supported by a variety of churches.

Goldthwaite is on the Texas Hill Country Regional Christmas Lighting Trail. Nestled in the beautiful hill country of Central Texas, Goldthwaite awaits you, ready to delight and surprise you with holiday treats for the whole family. Join us for a fantasy experience throughout the holidays for special seasonal events, spectacular lighting, and splendid shopping in the friendly, small town atmosphere.

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City Summary
Population: 1,878
Elevation: 1,580 ft.

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