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Good Samaritan Killed in Domestic Incident

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A man identified as simply being a good neighbor who tried to assist when he saw another man beating a woman in a domestic incident at a Wal-Mart parking lot is now deceased. San Antonio Police are investigating the shooting incident that took place on the afternoon of November 25, 2016, leaving one man dead and a female bystander critically wounded.

Good Samaritan Killed in Domestic Incident

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San Antonio Police Chief William McManus has identified that the good Samaritan asked the assailant in question to stop his assault on his female victim. It was at this point that the aggressor pulled out a gun and shot at the man, killing him, and badly wounding a bystander.


Photo: Facebook/San Antonio Police Department

The bystander, identified only as a woman in the vehicle with the individual that was shot, was injured by nearby shattered glass. The Chief further noted that the female victim from the original assault had escaped and the shooter was arrested after a police helicopter was used to shadow his automobile for 10 miles from the scene.


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