Good Samaritan Travels Over 400 Miles to Return Lost Backpack

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Earlier this summer, Matt Santos was driving in downtown Atlanta when he was involved in a minor collision. In a rush to find materials to take down the other drivers’ information, Santos grabbed his backpack out of his car. However, when he finally drove away, his backpack stayed behind.

That is where good Samaritan Kevin came into the picture. He found Santos’ bag, and almost took it to the nearby Georgia Tech campus believing it belonged to a student there, but checked its contents before doing so. Inside, he found a bill with Santos’ address on it and since he was on his way to Florida, he thought he would just go ahead and drop the backpack off on the way.

Matt Santos post on Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter/Matt Santos

Santos is a junior international business major at Valdosta State University located in Georgia, a round trip of just over 450 miles from Atlanta according to Google maps.

Kevin contacted Santos via Facebook Messenger, letting him know he had dropped off the bag. He jokingly added that Santos did not have an excuse not to do well in school since his backpack had been returned.

In a world where it seems the only news is bad news, it is refreshing to hear of someone helping a fellow human, even if it is something as simple as returning a lost backpack.

Major kudos to Kevin for taking the time to do a good deed, and huge thanks to Santos for recognizing him for it!