Turn Off the Tube, Grab Your Tube, and Head to the Frio River!

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Although you don’t want to cut your riverside time short, you might want to take in some local color in Concan, while staying at the Frio Country Resort. Concan is a semi-isolated community situated 90 minutes west of San Antonio, in the southwest part of the Texas Hill Country. It has an abundance of popular recreation attractions, which the friendly local residents are more than happy to share with respectful and courteous visitors. The area’s valuable natural resources have been shared by generations for Texas Hill Country families for years, including the beautiful local nature trails such as those found at Garner State Park. The “Rio Frio,” as the locals refer to it, winds through the gorgeous countryside and community, as a popular tubing experience for the whole family. And don’t kid yourself—this water will definitely refresh you! The river’s very name, “Frio,” is the Spanish word for “cold.” At the height of summer, when you’re about ready to hug your air conditioner, the average temperature of the Frio River is cool and refreshing!

Turn Off the Tube, Grab Your Tube, and Head to the Frio River!

Photo: Facebook/ConCan, Texas

Frio Country Resort offers the best vantage point from which to take in all the local scenery and experience a quintessential Texas Hill Country summer vacation. They have more than 30 acres of private Frio River frontage available to their guests. From adventurous couples and gatherings of friends to large families with kids, they offer something for everyone! With the kind of amenities you would expect from a high-end property, the resort is a great place to host your family reunions, golf outings, and even beautiful summertime weddings! Their lodging ranges from quaint cabins in the woods to luxurious rental homes. The surrounding area features some outstanding Texas dining, although you’d be hard-pressed to beat a juicy steak grilled right on the porch of your resort accommodations! Couple this with the amazing views of the Frio River, the natural sights and sounds, and the outdoor adventures that await you, and you’ve found the ultimate Texas Hill Country summer vacation. Whether you’re a long-time guest of Frio Country Resort or a first-time visitor, they welcome all comers for wonderful weekend getaways or week-long summer stays with a hospitality that’s unsurpassed. And unlike the classic George Strait song lyrics about this iconic water body, you’ll never wear your welcome thin!

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