‘It’s Only By Grace’: Joe & Heather Nichols’ Love Story Is One of Faith in Each Other

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Country music singer Joe Nichols has found true love with wife Heather Singleton, but it didn’t come easy like the fairy tales would have you believe. Meeting as teenagers, they took their time, put the relationship on hold, eventually made sure things would be alright, and married in 2007. And, even then they needed to be strong and support one another through some tough times, including miscarriages and alcoholism.

In an interview with People magazine just prior to their marriage, Singleton said, “The timing was always wrong, but in hindsight, it was probably right, because we weren’t ready then. Now is the right time. I’m so sure, I’m not even nervous.” Ten years later, the chorus from his recent single, “Never Gets Old” explains exactly how Joe feels about his lovely bride: “Sometimes, it feels like we’re just 21, and I’ve barely begun lovin’ you…”

‘It’s Only By Grace’: Joe & Heather Nichols Love Story Is One of Faith In Each Other

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When they met, Joe was singing in Longview, Texas, at Rio Palm Isle, which belonged to Heather’s father. College and his singing career caused them to put the relationship on the back burner, and wait until the age of 30 to tie the knot. By that time, Joe had released the hit songs “Brokenheartsville” and “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off,” with many more underway. It all appeared to be perfect, but just 30 days following their nuptials, Joe checked himself into rehab for alcoholism.

In the interview with People, Heather explained she had no idea about his problem with drinking, saying “He put so much energy into hiding it. It was complete devastation. Besides being sad, I had a lot of anger, like, ‘How could you have done this to me?'” Having serious doubts about the course of their life together, she turned to support from family. That’s when her father told her that Joe needed her now more than ever. She explained, “[Joe] told me, ‘In you, I see who I am. It really bonded us. We faced this ugly thing 30 days after our wedding. I felt like if we could get through that, that’s a good sign.”

‘It’s Only By Grace’: Joe & Heather Nichols Love Story Is One of Faith In Each Other
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