Grand Central Cafe in Kingsland is a Surprise for Horror Fans

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If you love horror movies, the Grand Central Cafe restaurant in Kingsland might look familiar to you. Today, it’s a restaurant, but in 1973, it served as the set for one of the pivotal scenes in the movie “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” Discover more about this hidden gem in the Texas Hill Country.

House Design

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre House now known as the Grand Central Cafe

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The home, though once a movie set, has genuine Queen Anne architecture. It was built in 1909, originally near Round Rock. Distinguishing characteristics of this design include lacy gingerbread trim around the porch and fish-scale roofing shingles. The bright green roof and white walls make this home stand out without being too bold.

The House’s Journey from Residence to Restaurant

The Grand Central Cafe once was a movie set for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

During its stay near Round Rock, the house served as a family and student residence. But by the 1970s, a film crew saw something more in this old home. Though fully restored today, in the movie “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” the home looked dilapidated. This furthered the effect of the home as where a maniac cut people into pieces with his chainsaw. As popular as the home became, it eventually did not last in its original location. The owners of the Antlers Inn in Kingsland purchased the house and had it moved to the inn’s property, where it was reassembled and opened as a café.

About the Restaurant

Summer holiday pancakes from the Grand Central Cafe

Photo: Facebook/Grand Central Cafe

The Grand Central Cafe has a train theme, as it sits by the tracks of the train that once carried passengers from Austin to Llano. In fact, the Antlers Inn was originally built by the railroad company as a station hotel for train riders. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, this restaurant serves breakfast and lunch Wednesdays through Sundays and dinner daily from Wednesday through Saturday. If you visit, try the chicken fried steak or plate-sized pancakes. The coffee mugs are also for sale as a memento of your time at the “Chainsaw Massacre” house.