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3 Reasons Why Granite Shoals is a Top Vacation Destination

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Granite Shoals got its name from the granite sediment bars that were visible along the shallow edge of the Colorado River before the Wirtz Dam and Lake Lyndon B. Johnson were built. It was developed as a lake resort and became an incorporated community in the 1960s.

Several other reservoirs built nearby on the Colorado River later became resort communities also. These were the result of Texans working expertly to control the devastating floods that were a frequent threat to the central Texas area. Reining in the floods led to some incredible lake resorts. Granite Shoals is one, and here are three reasons why it is a top vacation destination:

1. A city of parks.

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Photo: Google Maps

Granite Shoals is a Texas reunion waiting to happen, and it does not matter the reason. Granite Shoals is a small Texas Hill Country town of about 5,000 residents whose lakeside parks attract numerous visitors each year. It is popular with families, sun-loving aficionados, and lake enthusiasts. Of its 18 parks, 16 are situated on the shore of beautiful Lake Lyndon B. Johnson.

Picnics, sunbathing, swimming, and other water sports by the lake are all part of the fun. After the time-honored tradition of hot dogs at the lake, visit one of Granite Shoals’ friendly cafés for a delicious home-cooked meal. Crazy Gal’s Café specializes in old-fashioned country cooking. They are new to Granite Shoals but have been voted best Chicken-Fried Steak in Burnet County 4 years in a row! They feature fresh, home-made baked bread and pastries. For Mexican food, visit El Tapatio for some scrumptious shrimp on rice or yummy mini tacos. Try some delicious chicken enchiladas at La Cabana.

Sixteen lakeside parks! This city of parks has ample space to accommodate you, your family, your friends, and all your neighbors. Come have some fun in the sun.

2. A city of champions.

Leo Manzano Granite Shoals DécaNation 2014

Photo: Beaudouin

Granite Shoals is a city of champions and avidly celebrates the individual achievements of its citizens. One of Granite Shoals’ favorite sons is track and field star and 2012 Olympic silver medal recipient, Leo Manzano. Manzano dominated state title competitions while he was in high school and at the University of Texas. He set records in track and field and was undefeated in the 1,500-meter event in 2005. He won NCAA indoor and outdoor titles. Last year, the city received a grant from the Texas Park and Wildlife Department to fund construction of the Leonel Manzano Hike, Bike and Run Trails at the Granite Shoals municipal complex. Leo Manzano is a member of the U.S.A. team competing in the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

The community is solidly behind the accomplishments of tennis great, Andy Roddick. They wholeheartedly support the efforts of his brother, Dr. Lawrence Roddick, a resident of Granite Shoals. Dr. Roddick and his family founded the Roddick Youth Tennis Foundation to “develop and inspire underserved youth” and benefit the community. Citizens support the annual Vegas by the River event to help raise funds for the tennis foundation. Other funding is provided through matching grants with the support of the city of Granite Shoals and state agencies.

Michael Tupper is only 14 years old. Granite Shoals encourages its youth to pursue their dreams and passions. Michael’s passion is steer riding! He is a middle school student in the Marble Falls school district who has already accomplished much in the world of rodeo. He qualified in state competitions and proceeded to the 2016 National Junior High School Finals Rodeo in Lebanon, Tennessee.

3. A city of location, location, location.

Granite Shoals View

Photo: The City of Granite Shoals

Granite Shoals is about 65 miles northwest of Austin and centrally located on the north side of beautiful Lake Lyndon B. Johnson. With three-quarters of its land mass forming a peninsula that juts into Lake LBJ, it offers excellent lakeshore access from its many beautiful parks for fun and exciting outdoor activities. However, if sightseeing some of the most beautiful countrysides in the Texas Hill Country is your goal, there are plenty of stunning sights and attractions within a 30-minute drive.

Enchanting Marble Falls is only seven miles east of Granite Shoals and on a hot summer day you may want to make the drive to cool down with a cold ice cream treat at Nelly’s Ice Cream Shop.

Peaceful, relaxing, scenic Horseshoe Bay Resort is less than a 30-minute drive. Stop by and try the Shrimp Scampi or Fettucine Alfredo at Forno’s, an old boat house at Wirtz Dam on Lake LBJ

Take a quick, short drive to nearby Lake Buchanan. Enjoy spectacular views of the Colorado River, bird watching, some Texas wildlife, stunning waterfalls, and amazing Bald Eagles. Or, enjoy an incredibly unique, ecological tour on the Vanishing Texas River Cruise.

Less than 15 minutes away, in Kingsland, sits Falkenstein Castle. It is built on one of the highest hills in the Hill Country in the style and tradition of Germany’s highest castle. Visit the historic Antlers Hotel, once a railroad resort in 1901. Then check out the quaint and unusual cabins restored and converted from vintage train cabooses.

At Inks Lake State Park you can enjoy waterfront camping with close up views of Texas wildlife. Bravely throw yourself into the lake off of one of the nearby cliffs. Hike along the canyon trails or swim at the Devil’s Waterhole. If Valley Spring Creek is running, behold some incredibly spectacular waterfalls.

Longhorn Cavern State Park offers breathtaking, historical, educational, and cool caverns. Besides, cool is good in the hot Texas summer! Once inside the caverns enjoy the beauty of nature’s incredible rock and crystal formations.

With all its beautiful lake and parks, Granite Shoals can easily be described as a self-contained amusement hub, but it also has plenty of nearby activities and sightseeing excursions to fill in any extra time. So grab your swimsuit, floppy hat, your flip-flops, and some walking shoes. Call your family and friends and head out to LBJ Lake at Granite Shoals. It is undeniably a delightful and exhilarating vacation hotspot!