The Great Candy Corn Debate: Yes, or an Absolute Nope?

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That time of year will soon be upon us when we desperately try to find the best kind of candy to give out to trick-or-treaters while at the same time trying to ensure we’ll like any leftovers! Halloween candy has been on store shelves for a couple weeks now (surprise, surprise), and one social media site is questioning the validity of a former favorite of many—that would be candy corn.

Dressed as “Darth Mater” and “Willie Nelson,” two participants in the video below, shared by It’s a Southern Thing on their Facebook page, debate the concept: “Is Candy Corn Awesome Or The Worst.” In the post caption, they said, “There are only two types of people in the world: those who love candy corn and those who want to destroy every last piece in existence.”

Video: Facebook/It’s a Southern Thing

Darth Mater felt that this type of candy is the most representative of Halloween. His opponent, dressed as one of our favorite Texas country music artists, argued that you could absolutely have any other candy besides this. She didn’t get that the taste of candy corn, being sugary and similar to a wax consistency, appealed to anyone. He felt the exact opposite – that this candy was favored by many for its flavor and that they should be ashamed for liking it. Although it has never rated highly in Texas for its likability at Halloween time, we have seen other items model themselves after it. Candy corn Jell-O shots are actually a thing (which are quite tasty!). The likelihood of finding a candy corn costume for your four-legged friend for Halloween is pretty high!

But what are your thoughts on the candy corn debate? Are you an avid enthusiast of this white, orange, and yellow candy? Or are you vehemently opposed to it?