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Texas Plans to Break Ground on First Bullet Train in U.S.

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Texas Central, a private company, plans to break ground on America’s first high-speed train next year, topping out at 200 mph. The bullet train will connect Houston to Dallas in 90 minutes with a stop in Brazos County on a relatively straight path on flat land.

With two pairs of seats separated by an aisle, it will resemble a commercial airline’s first class cabin. Two tracks will parallel each other, with one train going north, and one going south simultaneously and leaving every 30 minutes to an hour. Texas Central will buy the plans for the train from a Japanese company that has perfected the design and efficiency of high speed trains, with no crashes, fatalities, or even substantial lateness.

Some people are concerned about the project, like State Rep. Cecil Bell. Bell told Kingwood Observer: “I am saying that it does not look economically viable, and if it’s not economically viable, it is only intended to become a subsidized endeavor. I don’t believe that Texas properties should be taken or private properties should be taken. I don’t believe taxpayers’ dollars should go to fund the endeavor. It’s a big amusement park ride. That’s what it is.”

Texas Central denies the claims and insists there will be no money needed from taxpayers since it’s a $10 billion private project. Locations for the Houston station are still up in the air, but the Dallas station will be near South Side on Lamar. If all goes as planned, the bullet train should be up and running in 2022.