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Gruene 10k & 5k Run/Walk To Be Held September 9th

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Have you been wanting to take up running? Love visiting historic and fun Gruene, Texas? Combine these two ideas and register for the Gruene 10k (or the newly added 5k) run/walk to be held on September 9th in Gruene. The race starts in front of Gruene Hall and runs through the beautiful neighborhoods surrounding this historic community.  There will be post-race music with food and beer for all participants.

Which Race To Run?

Gruene Run

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A 10K is 6.2 miles and a 5K is 3.1 miles. So, plan which race you’d like to run (or walk) beforehand. There is also a kids’ fun run that day that is about 0.3 miles long.

“Gruene” To Running?


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First things first, be sure to have good, supportive shoes to wear while training. Go to a specialty store and have someone there fit you for proper shoes. Good shoes don’t have to break the bank, but everyone’s feet are different and have different requirements.

Also, make sure to be slow but steady with your race training. Don’t start training for the Gruene 10K today by heading out with plans to run a 10K immediately. Start slowly and listen to your body. Work your way up to running longer distances and for longer periods of time.

Get your diet in check during training. Fuel your body properly and your body will perform better. Also, schedule your training runs ahead of time so that you can make sure to fit them in.

A Totally “Texas” Race

Gruene Hall

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With a little training and planning, you can rock this run! What could be more “Texas” than a run that takes place in front of one of Texas’ oldest dance halls and finishes up with beer and live music? Registration is available online here or on the Gruene 10k/5k Facebook page.