A Guide to Dining at Dance Halls and Honky Tonks

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Typically known for music, dancing, and cold beverages, dance halls and honky tonks are lesser acclaimed for fine dining, although a few places have famously tasty vittles. Overall, convenience is king when foremost consuming music, dancing, and cold beverages. Here’s a guide to comestibles found in and around the hallowed halls of honky tonks and dance halls.

Standard fare of burgers, pizza, chicken tenders is finger food at its finest and most consistent in nature. You’ll typically know what you’re going to get with these options but be careful, the devil can be in the details and the fine print; sometimes jalapeños sneak in!

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A restaurant within or next door is quite convenient and has a high chance of locally famous goodies. Best to keep an eye on price! Similarly, some venues do not directly serve food but shelter a food truck doling out all varieties of cuisine. This is a great addition to older establishments who have more dance space than kitchen room. Your likely best bet is to patronize the truck with the steadiest stream of customers.

As an almost last resort, somewhere in a corner, there is likely a vending machine, its glow a beacon through the hunger. Dive into the prepackaged snacks and try not to read the nutritional content of those chips, cookies, and peanut packs. Think of it as encouragement to dance faster and burn calories. If all else fails, try digging for purse/pocket food. Perhaps you can find some gum or a stray Whataburger fry!