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Woman Holds Guinness World Record for Largest Cow-Themed Item Collection

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This week, Guinness World Records went live on Facebook to give viewers a 20 minute tour of the “largest collection of cow-related items” at Ruth Klossner’s Minnesota “Mooseum” and home. “Look up, look down, look all around,” Klossner said as cameras panned over her enormous collection of cow collectibles.

In 2015, Klossner was featured in the Dairy Star for her Guinness World Record achievement. At the time, she owned 15,813 pieces of cow memorabilia, but now, she says she’s reached 17,103 and counting.

Klossner’s collection spans Christmas-themed items, statues, paintings, kitchen goods and everything in-between. As the Guinness World Record cameras followed her through her home collection, it’s evident that Klossner keeps an incredibly organized house. Each of the cow-related items are perfectly placed. She has extensive records of each cow, and takes great pride in her collection.

When Klossner was asked why she devoted herself to cow imagery she says she has loved the creatures ever since she was a little girl and raised them like pets. Because her love for cows will never vanish, she plans to continue collecting. “I’m going to keep collecting. I don’t see any reason to stop. I enjoy it, and I’m having fun sharing it with people,” she told the Dairy Star.

Click here to see the 20-minute Guinness video.