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Gulf Coast Expected to Have a Plentiful Crawfish Season

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Gulf Coast seafood lovers, you’re in luck. As reported by Houston, Texas’ ABC 13 News, 2016 is going to be a great year for crawfish. Crawfish season is expected to be huge, and grocery stores, restaurant owners and seafood enthusiasts couldn’t be happier.

Steve Champion of ABC 13 News tweeted a scrumptious looking video on his account while covering the story.

Typically crawfish season starts in January, but this year, it started in late December. According to Luke Mandola (owner of Rajin’ Cajun restaurant), “This year right now, we don’t have any cold weather. We ain’t have any freezes. We haven’t had a lot of rain. The sun is out and they grow in the sun. They’re having a good year.”

Mandela isn’t the only local restaurant owner excited about this year’s prospect for crawfish. The Deck on Fountainview restaurant owner, Toby Holt, told ABC 13 News, “It’s been really well this year because it was an early season. We haven’t had any cold weather. When it freezes, they go deeper. This year, we haven’t had any freezes so there’s plenty of crawfish.”