Guy Eats In-N-Out Like a Crazy Person

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Have you ever just fallen in love with the food you’re eating as you eat it? If so, you might recognize this guy’s face as he goes completely nuts over his meal at In-N-Out. Or this video might gross you out.

Taken by an In-N-Out patron who was in awe of this man’s eating, this video shows exactly what is so good about fast food. We know it’s bad for us and yet we just can’t help ourselves. It looks like this guy is even double-fisting his burgers.

Just when you think it couldn’t get even messier, he outdoes himself and just lets those sauces drip all over his face. He has little regard for napkins and why would he, since his face has become the most delicious napkin in the world. It looks like, by the end, he’s having a religious experience.

And just for the record, what does this guy have in those soda cups? He came prepared, he knew what he was doing. Maybe he’s an out-of-towner visiting a place where they have In-N-Out and he can only have it once a year or something. At least undo the top shirt buttons though, bud.