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H-E-B Ranked #2 Grocery Store in the Nation

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After calculating current Temkin customer experience rankings, H-E-B clocks in as the No. 2 grocery store in the nation.

On a list of the 2016 Temkin Experience Ratings, provided by Temkin Ratings, H-E-B ranked second in a huge list of companies vying for the top slot as the best customer experience. While Florida-based Publix grocery chains came in at first place with a Temkin Experience Rating of 81 percent, H-E-B wasn’t far behind with a 79 percent satisfaction rating. The scores are calculated by asking customers to rank the companies in three categories (Success, Effort, and Emotion) on a scale of seven. The net goodness rating is then gleaned from those ratings.

Additionally, our Texas chain also ranked in fourth place when it comes to Temkin Forgiveness Ratings, which calculates how likely a customer would forgive a company if they made a mistake. H-E-B ranked in ninth place on the Customer Services Ratings based on how they interact with companies.

It’s awesome to see how Texas favorite holding down a list of best companies in the United States. Now, as long as other states don’t catch on to our favorite grocery spot, everything will be right with the world, right?