Uvalde, Texas’ Hangar 6 Air Cafe Is a Destination Must

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Hangar 6 Air-Cafe in Uvalde, Texas is just the spot if you’re looking for a touch of nostalgia with roots that date back to World War II. A dining option worth the drive to experience a heaping dose of aviation history along with those fries. A “Fly’n Dining” experience located in the town’s airport and occupying the space of an old hangar, Hangar 6 Flight School at Garner Field, that was “one of the top-ranking army pilot training schools during World War II,” as shared on its Facebook page. The cafe opened its doors in 2016 and is proud to share the history that comes with the location as well as a full menu of classic meals from breakfast to dinner, and live music, events, and more.

1. History

Hangar 6 History

Photo: Facebook/Hangar 6 Air Cafe

“Named for a significant part of the city’s history,” Hangar 6 was one of 65 Army Airfields in Texas “that helped contribute to the 200,000+ Army pilots that were trained during World War II…” shares its website.

“Under HANGAR SIX’s proficient leadership, Garner Field was recognized as one of the top ranking Army Air Forces training bases. Cadets came from all 48 states (1945), plus 21 Latin American countries and even Turkey.” Mr. John H. Lapham, of San Antonio, founded HANGAR SIX. In April of 1941, the city of Uvalde, TX purchased land for construction and relocation of HANGAR SIX from San Antonio to Uvalde. The base was named after Uvalde resident John Nance Garner. After the war, Garner was one of the last bases to close according to its website. “On June 27, 1946, ownership of Garner Field was relinquished to the City of Uvalde.”

2. Atmosphere

Hangar 6 photo
Photo: Facebook/Hangar 6 Air Cafe

The atmosphere surrounding this unique cafe is felt the moment you step onto its base. It’s as if you have stepped back in time flying in from a mission landing on Garner field, and walking into a piece of history full of nostalgia, and just “plane” good food to enjoy.

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