Throwing a Hank the Cowdog Themed Birthday Party, Cake and All

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Throwing all the best kind of birthday parties you can possibly plan for your child seems to be all the latest rage. Gone are the days when hot dogs and some Kool-Aid did the trick! But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to break the bank to give your child something memorable and special. To that end, the possibility of having a Hank the Cowdog birthday party is a reality, and if you’re from Texas, that’s one of the coolest kinds of birthdays any kid could have!

Posted to the official website for the popular series of children’s books, Hank the Cowdog themed birthday party ideas are generating some uptake. They’re simple to do, won’t cost parents an arm and a leg, and the theme is one of education, friendship, support, and so much more. The concept was generated when fans began to provide feedback to the site through the years of book publishing. Having “the Head of Ranch Security” as a member of your party seems pretty cool to us!

Throwing a Hank the Cowdog Themed Birthday Party, Cake and All

Photo: Facebook/Hank the Cowdog

After suggesting food ideas, cake decorating, types of games, and even music, the Hank the Cowdog website additionally recommends checking out their Pinterest board, entitled “Cowdog Party Ideas” for even more details. Likewise, there are also Hank gifts and products that can be purchased directly from their CafePress online store for supporting your birthday party needs. Having Hank live on a farm makes the concept of creativity that much easier when it comes to party necessities. Décor can easily be done up using items from a neighbor’s place if you don’t live on an agricultural property yourself. Or items from Texas flea markets and even antique sales can be re-purposed for the party and then reused in or around your own home later! Cowboy-designed cookies, cow pie cakes (yes, they’re better than they sound,) and even corn on the cob will help make the theme even better. Throw in some country-style decorations and good old-fashioned games and you have the making of a memorable birthday no child will soon forget!