What Happens When You Accidentally Swallow Gum?

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Sometimes when you’re absentmindedly chewing gum, you take too deep of a breath and down the hatch it goes. Perhaps you can’t help but follow the instinct to swallow the tasty treat in your mouth, and you end up eating a stick of Extra’s Dessert Delights. As children, we’re told that gum can do harm to our bodies, and it sticks around in our stomach for years. Does it really take seven years to digest a little piece of gum, or is that a complete myth?

The video below investigates this question by uncovering what happens when gum reaches our digestive track. It’s explained that gum isn’t technically digestible, but our bodies still have a method of taking care of the rubbery object.

The clip was produced by DNews, which is a channel “dedicated to satisfying your curiosity and to bringing you mind-bending stories and perspectives you won’t find anywhere else.” The topics they cover in videos around five minutes in length are perfect little morsels to satisfy your curiosity, and their subjects vary greatly. In late November they posted a video about how planes feel much larger inside than they look on the outside, and shortly after they investigated why we enjoy looking at shiny things. Check out the rest of their videos here.


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