What Happens When You Buy a $500 Mystery Box From eBay?

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eBay users are offering “mystery boxes” full of unknown items to curious buyers. So what happens when you actually buy one of these mystery boxes? According to videos from several YouTubers, you can end up with someone’s trash. Well, not exactly bags of refuse, but disturbingly close. Videos from popular YouTubers grav3yardgirl and jennxpenn reveal that no matter how excited you are before you start unboxing the contents inside, you might be left with a frown.

When grav3yardgirl (also known as Bunny) ordered her box, she opted for a “luxury” box from a seller that normally sells baseball cards. Of course, she was skeptical, but still maintained hope after the seller contacted her shortly after sending the box to make sure she was satisfied. In the video seen below that’s already accumulated over one million views, Bunny starts unboxing her goods to find some less than thrilling items.

Though the price of these mystery boxes make it seem like the YouTubers are out a lot of cash, their wide viewership on YouTube helps to make them money on videos like these. But those who don’t live their life in the limelight run the risk of being completely ripped off. eBay will probably see quite a few claims coming their way from unhappy customers. Of course, there’s always the possibility that someone will pack a lovely mystery box, so people will continue to be intrigued by the gamble!