Create Your Happy Place with a Texas Hill Country Escape

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Few places and people bring those moments of unending happiness we carry throughout our life. Moments of impact that become our happy place. Places we revisit literally or in our memories that unlock joyful times of kicking back with a good friend, sipping a coffee or beverage of choice, and getting lost in just that moment in time.

Your happy place can be wherever you and your friends venture off, or it can be the solitude of just walking the beach, or reading a good book. It’s where you feel the most peace and joy with the people that mean the most with a little adventure, music, good food, and drinks thrown in the mix.

1. Get-Aways


Photo: Provided by Lisa Hernandez

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city can be challenging but well worth it. Taking that weekend get-a-way with good friends makes all the difference. Texas has some of the best scenic road trips you could take on your way to one of our beautiful Hill Country towns. The drive to Gruene, Canyon Lake, and Fredericksburg is a breathtaking view of the best of the Hill Country in all its glory.

Stopping into a favorite out of town eatery and ordering up a pitcher of your favorite drink while taking in the sights and sounds with your friends tunes out all the stress and worries of the day. Why not kick up your heels and take in a concert or listen to some good music at the local dance hall like Gruene Hall. The sky is the limit on your weekend get-away.

Finish off the day by unwinding by the pool with a glass of wine at a resort and spa like Hyatt Regency’s Lost Pines, watching the sunset on another happy moment that will live on in your movie screen of memories.

2. Creating Memories

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For some, their happy place with friends can be found in a hobby shared or adventure taken. Strolling down the Guadalupe River with your cooler in tow and great music to boot is a happy place for hundreds of visitors each summer.

Want to get a little creative? Painting with a Twist has become all the rave with different versions around the state, but with all the same concept, a little wine, a little painting, a few good friends. By the end of the night, you have created a masterpiece worthy of display in a gallery, if even just your own room of fame for family and friends to admire.

Grabbing that pole and finding a favorite fishing spot could be all the happy place some crave while the rest of the weekend is spent at a quiet campsite like Pedernales Falls with your RV in tow and nothing but the Hill Country decorating your view with the river flowing by and lulling you to sleep.

3. Small Blessings



But for most that happy place can be found in the comfort of your home. Sitting outside on your porch and drinking some sweet tea as you wait for that homemade key lime pie to come out of the oven is all the happy place some need.

Maybe it’s recalling fond memories of cooking with your family that brings you to your happy place. Sharing those same recipes and traditions with your own kids can be the best gift of happiness there is. Watching an old movie or cuddling on the couch with a good book can unlock adventures waiting to take you away.

Maybe some of the best moments are just watching the sunset and wishing upon one of the bright stars that light up the night sky and hoping moments like these last a lifetime and bring new days on the horizon to do it all over again with the folks that bring you the most joy in this great big world of ours!

So where’s your happy place? Where do you go to get away and who do you enjoy getting away with most?