Video Lists the Hardest Instruments to Play – Do You Agree?

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YouTube channel creates daily top-ten lists covering topics such as the “Top 10 Wheel of Fortune Puzzle Fails,” “Top 10 Songs People Think Are By Someone Else,” and the “Top 10 Easiest Languages to Learn.” Since they tackle anything in the entertainment world, it’s no wonder that they chose to rank instruments by their level of difficulty.

One might pick the organ to make the list, but not everyone agreed with its placement. An account appropriately named Organ Music commented, “Organ should be No1 on this list as you could be playing up to 6 lines of music at one time (four with the hands, two with the feet), add to that – expression, registration of the stops, and having to adapt to every pipe organ you play and the acoustic you are playing in given that every pipe organ is different…”

Of course, it’s impossible to make everyone happy with the list, but if you play one of the ranked instruments, it could give you a little bit of a confidence boost to know that you’re tackling something extremely difficult. And if you’re unfamiliar with any instruments, the video below can give insight into how they’re played. It could also give you a newfound respect for bagpipe and french horn players!