Harrelson Reprises Redneck Role for ‘Zombieland: Double Tap’

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Many a popular movie of the past has seen a sequel generated, if not a prequel, based on the popularity it garnered with the first film. “Zombieland” is one of them. “Zombieland: Double Tap,” starring Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin, isn’t as shocking as one might think. When the first movie came out in 2009, it brought forward the concept of a post-apocalyptic life in which zombies roamed, and survival meant a certain set of guidelines and unconventional rules to live by.

This latest iteration of the zombie genre again focuses on the chemistry between its stars and banks on the pop culture footprint of its predecessor. Harrelson reprises his role as the confectionery-loving redneck, Tallahassee. Although we’d like to think he doesn’t necessarily draw from his Texas roots to portray the part, in truth, he nails it with ease. And the “rules” for surviving a zombie apocalypse, which were generated in the first film, are set to be challenged with a new category of super-zombie developing.

Video: YouTube/Sony Pictures Entertainment

Shared on the Sony Pictures Entertainment YouTube channel the official trailer for Zombieland: Double Tap has been viewed close to 17 million times by expectant fans. Stone’s character has taken off after being proposed to by her boyfriend, played by Eisenberg. Harrelson continues to play a father-figure-type role, but longs for more respect, and Breslin’s character (known as Little Rock) is in her early 20s and longs to take off in search of freedom with a hippie commune and begin her dating life. The sequel presents fans with a glimpse of a post-apocalyptic White House and pokes the usual fun at modern-day pop-culture references.

Harrelson has long been famed for prestige roles but with the freedom to pick and choose that which he works on. Opting to play in a sequel that many fans have been craving for years, he’s continued to prove himself unworthy of ever being pigeon-holed in his acting career. In the spring of this year, he was featured in “The Highwaymen” alongside Kevin Costner, portraying the real-life Texas ranger Maney Gault, in pursuit of famed criminals Bonnie and Clyde. The actor hails from Midland, and grew up with a dramatic childhood, to say the least. His upbringing, coupled with his persistent professional effort, has combined to create the perfect career path for Harrelson, leading to some of the greater artistic contributions to be made to the big screen in modern times. “Zombieland: Double Tap” is currently playing in theaters.