Harry Potter Hit: The Coffee MUGGle Opens in Corpus Christi

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A coffee shop inspired by the Harry Potter franchise has opened in Corpus Christi, and fans are all in a Hufflepuff to get there. You’re not only guaranteed a great cup of coffee, but you’ll also think 9 and three-quarters of it is like no other! Ok, that’s all the jokes for now…bur Sirius…ly. With Hogwarts-themed décor and a menu that reads like it came from the Hoghead’s Pub (no, no alcohol, but you get the drift), it’s fast becoming the talk of the town and a social media buzz.

The Coffee MUGGle opened this month, featuring such menu items as Polyjuice (an almond milk, matcha tea, and honey drink) and quite possibly chocolate frogs (only wishful thinking… because wouldn’t that go great with your bewitched coffee?). It’s a Harry Potter fan’s dream come true. Owner Susan Almaguer wanted to create a space for her customers to feel welcomed and not judged, and her concept is picking up steam – in both the wizarding world and here in Texas.

Harry Potter Hit: The Coffee MUGGle Opens in Corpus Christi

Photo: Facebook/Ness N Ruben

“We are a place where everyone of all ages can come … Where people can comfortably sit with their friends and have a dungeons and dragons gathering and not feel judged,” Almaguer explained in an interview with “Where a cosplayer can walk in dressed however they want and instantly feel welcomed!” Meant to resemble the concept of a “common room” from one of the houses at Hogwarts, The Coffee MUGGle meets all the criteria. From its cozy seating to its relaxed atmosphere, including the hanging house crests found throughout the shop, it’s drawing fans in from near and far – some of whom are excited to simply get their picture taken with the shop’s imagery. Local artist, Aaron Lopez, created a mural on the shop’s wall which has become an instant attraction on social media. With the added bonus of puzzles and games, visitors are going to find The Coffee MUGGle to be their second home in Corpus Christi or, at the very least, a great place to be yourself. Visit the latest in Harry Potter fandom to hit Texas and see exactly why it’s become such a hit!